Sometimes trouble comes when your pockets are bare
For many emergencies this will cause despair
Yet, some roofing specialists are able you see
To finance their services – no they can’t do it for free

Roofing financing is the next best thing
These companies help you and put your headache to rest
They go to work on your behalf
And finance it for you, you do the Math

Once your home is repaired and alright
You don’t have to hide and run in the night
For you will pay over time, you will get time to pay
You will have some time to pay and get things right

In the meantime your home doesn’t have to be off
With a badly damaged roof, or one that’s torn off
You can get roofing financing
And have your roof repaired
Call the best experts, for they truly care

They know when the wind blows, when the storms come along
You can find your rooftop damaged or gone
And you can not sleep or rest well at night
If your roof is torn and ripped and a fright

There was an old woman, she didn’t live in a shoe
She lived in a house, and the roof needed care
When she saw the damage, it was both here and there

She sighed and fretted, but not for long
Her roof was repaired and financed for a song
Once it was done, she had total peace
Not only was it done and financed, she wasn’t fleeced