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Roofing Howell:

As premier roofers, American Standard Roofing has done a lot of home improvement and roofing Howell projects. We specialize in roofing, sidings and gutters. We also install insulation and other home improvement projects. Call or contact us today. We will take care of all your roofing Howell Michigan needs.

Howell Background:

Howell is a city in Michigan. As of the 2010 census, the city had a total population of 9,489. It is the county seat of Livingston County. It is located mostly within Howell Township, but is politically independent from Howell Township. The city is part of the South Lyon-Howell-Brighton Urban Area.

Howell History:

January 1836 saw the establishment of the first post office. Flavius J. B. Crane was postmaster and the post office was located in the Eagle Tavern. In March of this same year, there was a mail route started between Howell and the village of Kensington, and west to Grand Rapids. The City of Howell is the county seat of Livingston County. On 24 March 1836, the legislature passed an act organizing Livingston County and Howell was slated to become the County seat. This claim was vigorously opposed by a group from Brighton and was wholly relinquished by them until the county buildings were actually erected 12 years later. Howell at once assumed the dignity of the County seat. The town was originally called Livingston Center and incorporated on 14 March 1863.

Howell Geography:

According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 4.95 square miles. Out of that of which 4.75 square miles is land and 0.20 square miles is water.

Howell Trivia:

For many decades, Howell has had the reputation of being associated with the Klu Klux Klan due to White Supremacist leader and Michigan Grand Dragon Robert E. Miles, who held KKK gatherings on his farm, located 12 miles north of the city with a Howell address. Miles died in 1992. However, these gatherings, including the burning of crosses, continued.[13] The reputation has persisted into the 2000s, with events such as a public auction of KKK items scheduled for Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday in 2005, the suspension of a teacher who removed students for wearing a confederate flag and making anti-gay slurs in 2010, and the high school basketball team’s racist tweets toward a racially mixed team in 2014. The Livingston Diversity Council, which was founded in response to a 1988 cross-burning on the lawn of a black family, promotes diversity and inclusion in county.

Official City Website:

Click here for Howell official city website. You can also access other information about the city here.

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