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Roofing Grosse Isle:

As premier roofers, American Standard Roofing has done a lot of home improvement and roofing Grosse Isle projects. We specialize in roofing, sidings and gutters. We also install insulation and other home improvement projects. Call or contact us today. We will take care of all your roofing Grosse Isle Michigan needs.

Grosse Isle Background:

Grosse Ile is the largest island in the Detroit River. It is the second most populated island in the state of Michigan, after Copper Island. It is on the American side of the river and is part of Wayne County. The island is approximately 9.6 miles and has a population of 10,894. The island is commonly believed to be conterminous with the overall Grosse Ile Township, but in actuality, the township consists of over a dozen islands. Many of these islands are very small and uninhabited. To clarify this confusion, local residents refer to the island of Grosse Ile as the Big Island, Main Island, or simply The Island. It is to distinguish it from the township as a whole. A large number of islands in the Detroit River are closely connected to Grosse Ile.

Grosse Isle History:

The name comes from the French translation for Large Island. The island was first given to the early French explorers by the Potawatomi in 1776. The Potawatomi referred to the island as Kitcheminishen. Brothers William and Alexander Macomb were the first European owners of the island. The island was first surveyed in 1819 and was incorporated into Monguagon Township in 1829. The island remained sparsely populated as an independent community but did not receive autonomy until the formation of Grosse Ile Township on October 27, 1914. Today, Grosse Ile is considered a Downriver community as part of Metro Detroit. That said, the island is markedly different from the surrounding communities.

Grosse Isle Trivia:

Grosse Ile is also the center of the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge.

Official Township Website:

Click here for Grosse Isle official township website. You can also access other information about the township here.

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