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Roofing Belleville:

As premier roofers, American Standard Roofing has done a lot of home improvement and roofing Belleville projects. We specialize in roofing, sidings and gutters. We also install insulation and other home improvement projects. Call or contact us today. We will take care of all your roofing Belleville Michigan needs.

Belleville History:

Belleville is definitely a smaller city, but it has a whole lot of heart. Originally named after the French word for beautiful town it has worked hard to do this definition justice. It used to be a great getaway for Detroit’s wealthy families but has turned into an average place for everyday residents just to call home.The community was named in honor of landowner James Bell by adroitly choosing the French word for “beautiful town”. The hamlet was platted in 1847 with the main thoroughfares still used today designated Main, Liberty, and High Street. About 1881, the Belleville depot on the Detroit line of the Wabash Railroad began serving travelers from across the region and the country.

Belleville Trivia!

To generate more electrical power in the region, in early 1926 the Detroit Edison Company built the French Landing Dam on the river east of Belleville, thereby creating Belleville Lake. Belleville Lake is the largest inland lake in Wayne County, stretching 6 miles and covering 1,200 acres. The traditional downtown is nestled on the southern shore of Belleville Lake

Roofers Perspective:

We have completed several roofing Belleville projects. A lot of the properties in Belleville were originally cottage style homes. Although their size makes them considerably easier to roof, there are also many that we encounter in which special consideration need take place. This is because they were not always designed with longevity in mind, sometimes aesthetic appeal was a priority over structural integrity. Nothing a little planning and proper material installation can’t handle though.

Official City Website:

Click here for Bellevile official city website. You can also access other information about the city here.

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