The shingle color needs to work with the entire house

Choose carefully because you only get to choose the color once

Since you took your time and hired the right roofing company your new roof is going to last you a long, long time. That means on the one hand that you will no longer need to worry about those pesky leaks. On the other hand you are going to be stuck with that color choice whether you like it or not. A higher quality material is known as architectural or 3D shingle and you will notice that the majority of new roof installations will choose this option as opposed to the older 3 tab. Architectural shingles have various benefits that make them both a practical choice because of their longevity and added protection, as well as an upgraded ascetic quality that makes the house have the little extra pop everyone is looking for. This added shingle dimension lets you play with the shadowing effect on the roof which allows customers to choose a wider range of colors that would not otherwise work as well.

Energy efficiency and other peoples opinions

The sometimes overlooked smaller factors can make all the difference

For most families it is important to save every penny that they possibly can and when it comes to heating and cooling no one wants to be throwing money out the window. It may be hard to believe but your choice of shingle color can make a difference of up to 40 degrees in the attic. In warmer climates a lighter shingle color helps to reflect the sunlight off of your home thus helping to keep the temperature down inside. For colder climates, such as in Michigan, darker shingles help absorb the heat thus melting the snow in the winter time.

Pay close attention to the details

Tie it all together with a coordinated color scheme

It is common sense to say that you want all the separate elements used on the exterior of your home to blend together harmoniously but nonetheless needs to be considered. For instance if you have a white traditional house then you should stick with a dark grey or black shingle. If your siding or trim is brown, tan, or cream in color then you need to choose a shingle color that at least contains an element of brown to it. The harder to dress blue and grey homes need a dark grey or black shingle as well. The remaining green, yellow, and red painted homes allow for a wider variety of choices so play off any accent coloring or even landscaping.

Choose a color to express yourself

A home design that captures your true personality

If you are looking to make a statement there are numerous shingles available that use mixed color variations to give a unique and distinct look to the roof. If you are more concerned with playing it safe or are planning on selling the property some time in the near future consider using neutral colors such as pure browns, blacks, and greys. On this note, if you are trying to hide defects you should use low-contrast colors and if you are trying to accentuate certain features go with high-contract colors. If you want to make your house look smaller choose a dark color and if you want are trying to make it look bigger then it is stay with something light.

Whoop, whoop, that’s the sound of the police

Beware of the HOA bylaws or opinionated neighbors

The last thing you want to happen to buy a new roof only to receive a letter from your neighborhood HOA a week later stating you must now replace it because it is not an approved color shingle that got installed.
Contact them first to make sure everyone is on the same page because a mistake like that you will only make once as it is quite a painful and expensive experience to learn from. Another thing to consider is how the new roof will look in comparison to your neighbors home. Did you copy their color exactly? Does the roof color you want contrast to much with what they had installed? Ideally you want the entire block to look good so do your best to help make that dream a reality.

Last thing to consider is what it is made out of

Shingle material can have the biggest effect on the appearance of your new roof

Clay, slate, concrete, wood shake, metal, and asphalt shingles are all options that are currently being used in residential construction. The pros and cons of each material is a vast subject that will be addressed in a separate article. For the time being it is easiest to choose a material that you like, go drive around a local neighborhood in which you can find a roof with the desired material so that you can see it in person, and then to Google it to do some research. As a last ditch effort you can follow the link provided at the bottom of this page to use a digital tool that will let you interchange shingle colors in real time.

Shingle Color & Style Selector


Other peoples opinions

Do you care what your neighbor thinks about your roof color?

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