Timid about timberline

You find yourself oh so timid about timberline shingles,

so unlike the famous potato chip so hard to resist called Pringles,

reading this and that here and there on the interweb and blogosphere,

not sure exactly what is what or who is who, is this information exactly as it appears?

Pending lawsuits and complaints have the company hiding under a rug,

lawyers chomping at the bit trying to find something substantial to give a good tug,

Don’t feel so snug, and definitely not smug, all the corporate sponsors are now on the run,

So much pressure to the customers, to the contractors, a lot like a loaded gun,

Cant pretend you are free from sin, cant pretend you are some sort of nun,

In the more orthodox society your behavior they would shun.

Put a rest to product quality and focus on the bottom line,

As a publicly held company, keep feasting on the profits like a bunch of fat swine,

On the other end of the spectrum these poor houses are leaking,

through the wholes children can be seen peaking,

while your inspectors are slowly walking through the yards creeping,

any potential barrier of fault you use as a crutch instead of leaping,

the massive lose and damage caused has left us all feeling the sting.