It’s nice to have someone install a new roof
Especially if they have experience and proof
But many will take your money and walk away
Their work may not last for many days

That’s why you need a new roof guarantee
You don’t have to listen to me
The best roof is the one that is free
The next best one must have an iron clad guarantee

So, don’t waste your time with folks who are fickle
They may really do a half job and leave you in a pickle
Their work may not be even worth a fake nickel
In fact, all who pass by will likely snickle
“Why that house is a joke – by this we mean the roof.”
They will fall out laughing and ask for some proof
That it’s not April Fools or a similar joke
They will laugh so hard they’ll choke

And you will realize before very long
That the fly by nights took you for a dance and a song
Yes, you fell for their slick talk and empty promises
From there you will think of the advent of doubting Thomases
You will then wish you had yourself been one
For these roofing contractors were just over and done

See, some in professions such as this one
Are in it for the money, and want to see you undone
If they have no new roof guarantee
I hope you will listen to me

Go with the pros with a new roof guarantee
That is iron clad solid, and as fair as can be
Then you will say, as have many before
“I won’t waste my hard-earned money any more.”