Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing:

While we do a lot of residential shingle roofing, once in a while we do get metal roofing tasks. Our experts here at American Standard Roofing have decided to explain why metal roofing is a good alternatives at times to regular roofing.

Why Metal?

Just Color

Our panel of experts answer why metal roofing can sometimes be the way to go. Metal is often preferred for its solidness and low maintenance. Some metal roofs nowadays are polished and very aesthtically pleaiing. Metal is also a durable element if it is taken care of properly. Our team discusses top three benefits of metal roofing for homeowner’s ease.

1. Lifespan:

The lifespan. That is one of the biggest pros metal roofing has over traditional roofing. If taken care of properly, these roofs can last 50 years or longer. A metal roof will last an average of five times longer than a typical asphalt roof. That is one reason why we always suggest metal roofs to our customers when they are not interested in shingle roofs.

2. Fire And Weather Resistance:

Reflect or Absorb Heat

Metal roofs tend to withstand the natural element better than other shingles. This is because of their build and the material. They can stand up to harsh snow, rain and wind. A metal roof can withstand winds of 140 miles per hour. In addition they are also great for snowy conditions if designed properly. Metal is also fire resistant. That is why it is also very popular with our commercial customers. It is an attractive feature manufacturing facilities, restaurants and foundries etc.

3. Ease of Installation:

Winter Installation

The biggest point we can bring up here is that metal roofs are a lot easier for professional roofers to install. This installation is easier when compared to a shingle or asphalt roof that requires hand nailing shingles or the use of torches and other materials. This can directly affect labor costs and time for professionals ultimately making it a cheaper endeavor for the customers.