The local roofing competition is sure steep,

most customers end up collecting estimates at least 4 deep,

but you will not hear a peep, not a sound will escape our mouths,

we work all year round, don’t need a vacation down south,

because we are committed to this trade, rain or shine,

we will show up on time, finish the job, and then write our rhymes,

Other contractors are confused how we do it so well,

that is because most of them didn’t go to school, don’t even know how to spell,

makes it hard to protect someones home, to take care of them proper,

flashy words and scummy salesman are their show stoppers,

Better call the coppers, because they just wont leave your house,

insecure that if they do you will keep them out, set a trap like a mouse,

so that they can hang themselves with ill intentions and deceit,

hope you didn’t give them any money, for that down payment you will get no receipt,

might as well burn your money, at least it would keep you warm,

because through that whole in your roof those bees will love to swarm,

you feel so torn, so out of sorts about all of this business,

thought Angie’s list was safe, but even Ashley Madison can reveal a mistress,

All that you have to protect are your wit and intellect,

unfortunately, many just believe what they read on some blog on the internet,

The culprits all know this, your ignorance they prey upon,

they see a good hear-ted citizen, in their game just another pawn,

It will dawn on you, hopefully sooner then to late,

for their tricks and treats just say no, resist all the tempting bait.