With the interest free loan going live today, it is more important then ever to find licensed roofing contractors in Detroit, Michigan. The city is supposed to have a list of qualified individuals that can perform the work but be careful as this list is not all the difficult to get on. Make sure that you do your own research as well by searching online and asking people that you know for personal referrals. It has taken a lot of time and energy to put this innovative program together, the last thing that we need is a bunch of shoddy work getting done.

The Detroit 0% Interest Home Repair Loans website it fairly simple to navigate, they have all the qualifications and steps clearly outlined for residents. Take advantage of this program while it last, because as we have seen many times before with these Detroit programs they are limited in their funds. Once everything is used up, it is doubtful we will see a similar program for quite some time. If you ever have any questions regarding the licensing of a contractor you can always visit the states website at: . If you need any more help there are classes that the city is actually holding to teach residents about the entire process.