“My home it stands in great disrepair
The roof is the worst part, we can feel the night air.”
The woman was a bit troubled no doubt
She was troubled within and bothered without

For she did not want a leaky house
That could let in the rain, dirt and a mouse
For of all she was frightened and terribly worried
She called a roof repair contractor in a hurry

When she did she was glad that she’d made the call
In fact, when they knocked on the door she almost took a fall
For she hurried to open the doors for them
She was as fit as a fiddle, but clumsy to the brim

However, she was not a bit bothered you see
Not when she looked and saw who it did “be”
It was the most experienced team
They worked together like a real dream

She had her roof very soon repaired
When she did this, she was very aware
That they were pros and very top notch
She knew they had what some hadn’t a lot

In her heart she knew this much
Many brag and hold titles and such

But if your roof is gaping with holes and gaps
It’s not time for you to take a nap
What you should do instead, is not have any dread
And find good home roofing experts real fast