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I need a new roof yesterday, help!!!


If you have read the news at all lately you have seen that our economy has taken quite the beating from this harsh and long winter weather. The construction industry is feeling the pressure more then any other because it is a seasonal business which means they have even less time to get even more work done.

Roofing and construction companies are typically working at full capacity by mid March at the latest and this year many haven’t even started touching project late into April. Certain roofing contractors, such as American Standard Roofing of Southfield Michigan, work throughout winter but this is a rarity now a days. It is hard to find companies like this because of the extra work that is required shoveling off snow before working, let alone paying the workers extra for the increased hazard and effort.

Now that the weather is permitting you will find lots of other companies with a back log for months on end. This means that they will not be able to address any emergency leaks or issues in a timely fashion and if they do change the schedule for you then it is going to cost a pretty penny.

In your search for a contractor to do business with make sure to ask them how far out they are scheduling. If they take a deposit from you be very careful as they may not be able to address your problem in a timely fashion and you do not want your money tied up if you are not going to use them in the end anyways.

With the season in full effect you will find many companies scrambling to complete work and to find the necessary workers to complete these jobs. This often leads to problems because they end up sub contracting to unreliable people that do sub par work.

The good news is that the materials are available, in fact the supply companies are dying to get rid of their inventory. This should make the bids more competitive but again this all depends on demand for the work. The issue here circles back around to scheduling because it is very difficult for a contractor to arrange for delivery of materials when there are 20 other shipments that need to be made that same day as well. Therefore, it is a lot safer to do business with a company that is large enough to demand some respect from the suppliers. This is just one other downside to hiring to two guys working out of the back of a truck. An associate at the local distributor ABC Supply said “Unfortunately there are only so many orders that can get filled in a day and we have to service our larger clients first before we can even consider the smaller guys.”