“Roof repair contractors”


“I need a roof over my head,” the potential fiancé said

“Don’t try to marry me to live under the stars, which I dread.”

She went on to explain how the elements and squirrels

Could get in a house without an intact roof

To prove her point she even showed him proof


She provided him with a picture of her childhood home

She went on to explain that it often rained inside and leaked outside

Because of the holes, missing shingles and such

She described it so well that he was genuinely touched


After this she went and got in bed

She waited to hear his reply the next day

He knocked on the door in the morning

And this is what he had to say


“I have a house and it has an intact roof

I think it’s important that I provide proof”

He opened his laptop and showed her a page

It was newly written, and had not a bit aged


It was an order form, for a roof repair contractor

This company had customer testimonials and more

He got on his knees once again on the hardwood floor

He asked again for her hand, and she agreed and ran out the door


She told everyone on the avenue, stranger or friend

That she was getting married to a marvelous man

He said he had secured roof repair contractors ahead

So they would have never have a leaky rooftop, but an intact one instead