COVID 19 Update

How American Standard Roofing is Responding

March 26, 2020

As the situation around the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to develop, our paramount concern has been for the health and safety of our customers and associates.  We are considered as essential work group by national definitions.

American Standard Roofing has established a plan for the potential impacts of COVID-19.

Cleaning & Social Distancing:

We have limited the numbers of employees in our office. Our sales staff is working remotely and is here to help you as always. Should you have current issues with your roof which needs immediate work, we will have our sales staff speak to you on the phone about the issues. They will then email a price to fix or replace the roof. Should you decide to move forward to have the work done, we will either email a sales agreement for you to esign or we can mail an agreement to you and you may email, mail or fax it back.

Our service department will generally have either one or two technicians come to your home and we ask that you stay in the house and have no contact with them.

Should you urgently need a full roof replacement, we have cut the amount of people on each crew so that they will be able to keep a safe distance from each other and they may wear facial protection. Your roof will have the same quality, but it will take a few hours more to complete. We again ask that the customer stays inside of the house during the construction and not have contact with the crews. Payment may be made over the phone or a check may be sent in.

As an essential trade to the communities we serve, we’re committed to keeping our customers best interest in mind during this time of crisis and natural disaster. Homeowners and businesses depend on us to maintain their homes and stores safe whether we are in crisis or not. Your health and wellbeing is mandatory.

Our Staff:

Our current staff is continuing to receive their full wages and benefits during this crisis. We have initiated safety procedures to ensure their safety. Should any of our staff not feel safe or have health issues that may require them to stay isolated, we have and will continue to make arrangements to ensure that they receive their wages and benefits during this crisis. At American Standard Roofing, we are a family.

Any associate that may be diagnosed with COVID-19 or advised by health or government officials to self-quarantine due to direct COVID-19 exposure, American Standard Roofing is committed to making certain that they continue to be paid during that time. Any staff member that does become ill, is required by our Company to stay home.