I think it was during the holidays

When everything is amped up, during nights and days

That Cindi Lou worried that their roof wasn’t intact

For spotting troubles, this little girl had a knack


Yes, she was always concerned about her home

She and her mother, they lived all alone

Her mother could barely afford to pay bills

And saving money always gave her deep thrills


Cindi Lou climbed into this big chair

And reached the fireplace mantle with care

For her mother had placed a flyer there

About a roofing service with prices so fair


They offered best value roofing

And they did it so well

Their services and prices

Were beyond compare


So the mother agreed

To secure their services

She was glad she did

For relatives were due to come

And they were so critical

Each and every one


So the contractors came

Did their work and then left

And the family showed up

Before the mom and child gathered themselves


They were not able that week

To find even a flaw

In fact when they saw the roof

They all dropped their jaws


Even Auntie Jane

Who wore white gloves to check

And to see if dirt and dust would show themselves yet


But she especially wanted

Every roof to be grand

When she saw that it was

She cancelled her critique plan


And instead she offered

To foot the roof repair bill

Then she paid it online

And took one of her little yellow pills