Michigan Roofing

This is a question that we get asked quite often, and it is also something that we need to ask ourselves continually. What is it that makes you the best in the roofing industry? There are many magazines and online review / rating sites that claim to give you an honest opinion, but more often then not they are just putting the people on top that can afford to pay the most amount of money. This is a great opportunity for a major player to take advantage of, but it really doesn’t help the average consumer get an unbiased opinion. 

The BBB used to be the standard for rating a business, but now even they are trying to take advantage of digital advertising campaigns and rating systems. Although the information age has made it much easier for customers to do research on potential companies before hiring them, it has made it virtually impossible to sift through the useless and even deceitful misinformation that is so prevalent. Our best advice is to treat it like you are writing a book report in school. Check multiple references so that you can see if there are any disparities. If a company appears really good on one website, but then on the majority of other ones they have horrible ratings, it is pretty clear to see they are just paying someone off to have a good standing.

Even when you get a personal referral, make sure that the roofing companies online presence matches up to what you have heard. Striving to be one of the best roofing companies in Michigan is something that is almost impossible to measure.It takes a dedication to the business and the desire to continually change for the better. Your last line of defense is to get in front of a representative to see if there is any indication of this motivation. If you can not feel that the company is strongly concerned with your well being and are heavily invested in their companies future, continue getting estimates until you find someone that clearly communicates these qualities. Getting a new roof is a  major investment, make sure that you hire someone that you are 100% confident in.