United Methodist Union Churches

A Blessed Union

We can not express our deep appreciation of this business relationship enough. With over 60+ churches under our belt we can truly say that we have made a big difference in the community. Most of the projects require a expert technicians touch to maintain the historical integrity. Also, the architecture lends it own set of complications as you need to provide top notch installation and safety standards for the project. Check out our professional references at the top of this page for more commercial properties, or give us a call to get an address for a local Church that we have completed in your area.

Congregation Members & Associates

We consider everyone that belongs to our is related to the Church in any way as a part of the family. This means that they get the same respect and pricing that the Church has secured. We have completed to date over 1700+ projects in this category and continue to get new customers daily.

How We Maintain Our Relationship

Although we have the best crews in the state, the professional relationship is far from over just because we completed your project. It is very important that you have a company that you can call with any questions or concerns and we employ a full time staff to take care of your every need. Our service technician is available for next day calls, whether it is storm damage or you just need an inspection we are here for you.