Why Skylights?

The benefits of skylights and solar tubes go far above that of the conventional and move into health and beauty.

First the convention is most obvious – ventilation for your home, free daylight for your home, add value to your home, and skylights can add a unique decor to your home.

Many people out there don’t know of the others reasons you might want to use skylights or sun tunnels and tubular skylights in your home and business. There is a great degree of health benefits from receiving regular doses of sunlight and fresh air. For instance – It is said that having an insufficient amount of sunlight is linked directly to SAD(Seasonal Affective Disorder) people suffering from SAD may have less energy, bigger appetite, and depression. Twenty percent of America suffers from SAD.

No longer do your rooms have to be dark!

The biggest benefit you receive from installation skylights in your home is the healthy natural light that comes directly into your room.

It is a proven fact that people that have dark areas of the home tend to avoid those areas.  Why not use your whole home?  Lighting plays a huge role in the feel and livability of a room, by adding a little bit of light you can change the whole dynamic of an area.  For to long skylights were considered a luxury item, No Longer!  When you understand all the benefits associated with skylights and solar tubes in your home you start to realize the cost is justifiable because of the returns you receive immediately!